Family Gathering at Lorraine & Rob's
July 25th, 2004
(a very hot 32c this day)

Cousin's (second generation "MacMurchy Clan")
Sons, Daughters, Neices, Nephews, Grand-Children, Great Niece & Nephew, God-Children and Friends

    BACK ROW (L-R)
    Nicole (Cindy's (Steve's girlfriend's) daughter), Matthew (Sarah's boyfriend), Kristie (Rhonda & Steve's Pilon's daughter -Pat/Lorraine's God-daughter), Shannon (Mike & Nicky's daughter), Lindsey (Rhonda & Steve's Pilon's daughter -Pat/Lorraine's God-daughter), Jamie-Lee (Linda & Bob's daughter) , baby Matthew (Robbie-Lynn & Kyle's son)

    Sterling& Felicia (John & Vivian's children), Sarah & Loughlan (Steve & April's children), Robbie-Lynn (Linda & Bob's daughter), Bekah (Robbie-Lynn & Kyle's daughter)

    MISSING FROM PICTURE -- Tyler (Cindy's son) , Shane (Mike & Nicky's son -someday we'll get Shane to a family gathering) and Kyle (Robbie-Lynn's husband who was at the BBQ but was away at time of this picture )

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