Lorraine & Rob's Amsterdam River Cruise plus more ...
July 25- Aug 6, 2018
Both are celebrating their 60th Birthdays (from 2017)

The legendary Rhine River
Cruise the length of the Rhine from the North Sea to the Swiss Alps in all-inclusive luxury

Begin your journey in Amsterdam and explore the maze of historic streets and canals.
Cruise past impressive castles and the stunning Rhine Gorge, stroll through Cologne and marvel at its famous cathedral.
Take in Koblenz, visit Strasbourg and venture on to Basel in Switzerland.

Opal River Ship


July 18 - Sunset from river boat balcony and Lorraine and Rob in cabin

July 20 - Visiting Cologne! Beautiful Cathedral- The Dom

July 22 - Castles along the Rhine near Rüdesheim

July 24 - Alsace, France

July 24 - Last night Gala dinner with our new friends from Canada and Australia!


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