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Shannon left Calgary on Feb 28th to live in Australia for a couple of months, setting up an office for the company she works for. Shannon celebrated her 26th birthday in Australia.

March 7th
Here are pictures of my office and the flowers that they gave me for my birthday (today in Australia, tomorrow in Canada) Iím getting another long part of my desk, so thatís why itís so damn clutteredÖ canít wait for it!

March 10th, 2005
Here are a few pictures. My office (starting to look like an office), the flowers my parents sent me for my birthday and the storm we had last night.

March 17th, 2005

Hi Everyone!

I thought Iíd take this slow time to send another update out.

Itís Friday @ 3:51pm and itís PISSING down. Itís been cloudy all day and raining on and off. But I like rain, so Iím okay with it.

Business is slow to start off. The mail out went out on Wednesday and Iíve had a few phone calls and a few quotes, but nothing has come out of it yet. It will, just have to be patient. Iím sure in a week Iíll be so busy I wish I had more time.

Kristie (my cousin, for those of you who donít know who she is) and her friend will be here in 9 sleeps! I canít wait to see a familiar face from home. I know Iíve only been gone for 17 days, but it will be nice to see someone. I canít wait to do all of the touristy stuff too. Steve Irwinís crocodile farm isnít too far from here, there is the Warner Brothers Theme Park, Wet and Wild Theme park, Dream World, Gold Coast (of courseÖ tons of stuff there INCLUDING Snow World! Haha) and the list goes on and on. They are coming at a good time because we get the 25th and the 28th off, so Iíll have a few days to get ready for them and then a few days to spend with them before I have to go back to work.

I finally have a place! ( I havenít moved in yet, Iím doing that this weekend. Itís RIGHT in the heart of Surfers Paradise (on the Gold Coast). 30th floor of an apartment building/resort. Itís a studio apartment, so I donít have a bedroom, but I have a queen sized bed! And yes, I already bought new sheets and a blanket for it. Iím not sleeping on someone elseís sheets. There is a beach view and the beach is 1 minute away and itís across the street from a HUGE mall (shopping centres as they are called here). There is an outdoor pool, and indoor pool, a whirlpool thing, sauna and a gym all in the building. Plus secure underground parking (you have to ring the front desk through an intercom every time you go in). Iím getting the internet set up sometime next week and Iíll be good to go!

Just as a countdownÖ 43 sleeps until I come home to Calgary for 10 days!!!

I ventured out on Wed night to see the Phantom of the Opera (the movieÖ yes, for the 3rd time). The theatre was pretty old (like the ones downtown) and the sound was horrible, but it was good to see the movie again. Then I got lost on the way home, but I found my way out. Itís just so damn DARK here at nightÖ they donít use very many street lights.

Everything is a lot more expensive here than in Canada. CDís are about $20, a t-shirt you could get at Wal Mart for $12 is about $20 at the Big W (which is Wal Mart). So I wonít be buying a LOT while Iím here. Iíve already purchased my first purseÖ itís pink and sooooo cute and only $6 from Target! Natalie had her eye set out for that one! I keep thinking about buying DVDís, but they are a different ďterritoryĒ here, so I canít watch them at home, so there is no point. Iíll just wait until I go home to buy DVDís.

Queensland (the State that I live in) doesnít do Daylight Savings Time, so when you change your clock, I wonít. I will then be 16 hours ahead of you (or 8 hours behind you, plus a day, however you want to look at it). That makes things a little harder to talk to people, but oh well, Iíll have to deal with it.

Everyone here at the office is VERY nice. Very friendly, quick to say hello in the morning, all that stuff. Iím right down at the end of a hallway, so people donít pass by my office, but they make a point of coming in to say hi or see if I want something.

And of course John and Natalie have been nothing but EXCELLENT to me. For the people who donít know the storyÖ the place that I was supposed to be living in was scary and I only spent one night there and went to John & Natalieís the next night. John is the person who is part owner of PAL Australia and Natalie is his wife. They are extremely hospitable and had absolutely no problem with me staying there for as long as I needed to, which was nice because when I first got here, it was hard to be aloneÖ thought about home too much. Natalie and I get along really well too, we both love to shop, so that helps! HahaÖ Honestly though, if it wasnít for them, Iíd probably be back home by now.

Iím a lot better than I was though. I still get sad once in a while, but for the most part, Iím getting used to it here. The time is going really quickly. Itís been 17 days since I got here! After Kristie leaves it will only be 3 weeks before I go back home!

My office is coming together nicely as well. Iím still waiting for the other part of my desk. The guy was supposed to come in today, but itís raining so hard that some of the streets flooded, so he couldnít make it in. I guess Iíll have it on Monday! I do need it badly thoughÖ there isnít enough room on this desk.

AnywayÖ I think thatís about all for updates right now. I just wanted to let everyone know that Iím doing a lot better, but I still miss home a LOT. They should have a Canadian/Australian bar out here or support groupÖ haha. But Iíll make friendsÖ Iíve already made quite a few through Natalie.

As I end this letter, the rain is stopping, but itís still cloudyÖ hopefully that goes away for the weekend!

Take care everyone! Miss you very very very much. Make sure you send me lots of emails. I love coming in, in the mornings to lots of emails from home. Tell me all the gossip, tell me about television shows (they are WAAAAAAAAAAAAY Behind here), tell me about anything.


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